First Aerial Archaeology Research and Training School TURKEY (July 2012)

17/4/12 .-

Call for application to AARTS2012, the First Aerial Archaeology Research and Training School TURKEY (20-30 July 2012).

The School, open to applicant of any level (with or without
experience) will take place in Kocaeli, Turkey, with the generous
support of the Kocaeli University, Department of Archaeology, Izmit,
Kocaeli, Turkey.
Its program will move from exploratory aerial survey, with air photo
interpretation and mapping, to an introduction to the area of study,
practical experience in reconnaissance and recording in the air,
discussion and analysis of photographs, landscape and archaeology,
archiving and mapping.
AARTS will make use of a team of six experts from several different
fields and different Countries (United Kingdom, Slovenia, Greece,
Turkey and Italy), to provide the students with a wide overview on
aspects and potentials of the discipline.
A number of hour of training in the air will be provided (included in
the registration cost of only 100 euros!).
If you would like to submit your application and CV, the deadline is:
- May 5th, if you would like to be considered for a bursary (provided
by ArchaeoLandscapes European Project)
- May 31st, if you plan to participate to the school on your own
budget or if your institution will cover your costs.

Should you need any further information, please visit the url
or feel free to contact Gianluca Cantoro (

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