3rd Aerial Archaeology Training School in Merida (Spain) (18-23 junio 2012)

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18-23 June 2012

Organized by

- Archaeolandscapes Europe
- Radio Past project
- Mérida Institute of Archaeology (IAM)

Aimed at
Students and graduates in archaeology or related fields.

Number of places

20 maximum

Inscription fee

300 euro


Archaeolandscapes Europe offers 5 grants of up to 500 euro to support students with no extra funding. More information here.

Merida Institute of Archaeology offers up to 9 free accommodation grants. Please apply in the preinscription form.
Important dates

15 March: deadline for grant applications from the ArcLand roject
30 March: deadline for pre-inscription
30 April: list of accepted students
2 May: notification of acceptance/rejection for an ArcLand grant
1 June: deadline for final inscription and payment
18-23 June: school

Acceptance will be based on a process of evaluation of the applications received during the pre-inscription period. A short statement and a CV will be required.


Introducing the basics of aerial imaging for archaeology, through a combination of short theoretical presentations and supervised practical seminars. The students will explore different interpretive and technical procedures, such as: photo reading and interpretation, georreferencing and rectification, data integration, GIS analysis, integration of aerial images with ground based techniques or data capture in the field with low altitude remote control devices.

Programme: thematic blocks

Introductory issues: background, history, experiences and uses of aerial imagery in archaeology.
Aerial Photo Reading & interpretation: theoretical introduction and interactive workshops.
Mapping & data processing: georreferencing, rectification, GIS integration. Theoretical introduction and interactive workshops.
Data Integration: Integrating aerial photographs and ground-based techniques. Theoretical introduction and interactive workshops.
Field practice: data capture with low altitude device. Interactive workshop: processing, mapping and interpretation of field data.


César Parcero-Oubiña, Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). (Archaeolandscapes Europe partner)

Cristina Corsi, University of Evora & Frank Vermeulen, University of Ghent. (Radio Past partners)

Victorino Mayoral & Enrique Cerrillo, Mérida Institute of Archaeology (IAM), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Teaching experts

Archaeolandscapes Europe

Dave Cowley, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Wlodek Raczkowski, Institute of Prehistory, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań
Rog Palmer, Aerial Archaeology Research Group AARG
Antonio Malpica, Departament of Medieval History, University of Granada
Luis Vázquez, Departament of Medieval History, University of Granada

Radio Past Project

Frank Vermeulen, University of Ghent
Cristina Corsi, University of Evora
Geert Verhoeven, University of Ghent

Mérida Institute of Archaeology

Victorino Mayoral, Mérida Institute of Archaeology, CSIC
Enrique Cerrillo, Mérida Institute of Archaeology, CSIC


Almudena Orejas, Centre of Humanities and Social Sciences, CSIC

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