Aerial Archaeology Training School (Mérida, 18.23 junio 2012)

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Aerial Archaeology Training School
Merida - 18-23 June 2012

The aim of the Merida training school is to introduce the basics of aerial imaging for archaeology, through a combination of short theoretical presentations and practical seminars. The students will explore different interpretive and technical procedures, such as: photo reading and interpretation, georeferencing and rectification, data integration, GIS analysis, integration of aerial images with ground based techniques or data capture in the field with low altitude remote control devices.
The school is organized by Archaeolandscapes Europe, the Mérida Institute of Archaeology (IAM), Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio (INCIPIT - CSIC), Consorcio de Mérida (CCMM) and the Radio-Past Project.
The deadline for registration is March 30, 2012.
For more detailed information the flyer and registration form can be downloaded from the following websites:

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