Training and Research on the Archaeological Interpretation of LiDAR. France, 17-20 May

3/4/16 .-

TRAIL (Training and Research on the Archaeological Interpretation of LiDAR) Conference, to take take place at the Chambord Castle (France) from 17 to 20 May 2016.

This international meeting builds on two previous meetings (TRAIL 2011 and 2014). The program features presentations and workshops on LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) applications in archaeology, with a special focus on projects in in forests and woodlands.

The conference will bring together specialists in the exploration and processing of LiDAR data, archaeologists, biologists, physicists and forest management professionals. Presentations will highlight the recent advances in the technology and different methods for understanding and Integrating the results of LiDAR surveys. A roundtable discussion and workshops are intended to promote interdisciplinary dialogues.

Registration Fees: 200 € for professionals and academics and 100 € for students. Registrations fees cover accommodation, meals, a tour and access to conference.

For more information or to register, please see the conference website:

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