5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology. Odtober 13-15 2014


5th International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology:

October 13-15, 2014

Duke University--Durham, North Carolina

In the past, the International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology
has been hosted in China, India, and Italy. For the first time in it's
history, the conference will take place in the United States at Duke
University in Durham, North Carolina. The conference theme will be "The Age
of Sensing."

The 1990s will be remembered in the history of archaeology as the age of
GIS. Now, we are ready to embrace new methods of recording, interpreting,
conceptualizing and communicating archaeological data and relationships
across the passage of time. In the next few years, we will have the
opportunity to blend the physical world with a sensory-rich 'virtual' world
where archaeologists can naturally and intuitively manipulate, navigate and
remotely share interpretations and case studies. Our understanding of
archaeology will be taken to a new level, enhancing our capacity to develop
interpretations and to present them to fellow specialists and to the
general public as simulated scenarios in 4D.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: William Limp (University of Arkansas),
Wolfgang Neubauer (University of Vienna), and Frank M.R. Vermeulen (Ghent
University, Belgium)

This conference seeks to explore the age of sensing, broadly defined. Papers
and workshops will address the following topics:

- Large Scale Remote Sensing

- Close Range Sensing

- 3D Modeling

- Body sensing

- Immersive Sensing

- Aerial Photography

- GIS and Sensing

- Spatial Technologies and Landscape

- Virtual Landscapes

- Integrated Technologies

- Intra and inter-site Applications

- Lidar Applications

- Geophysics

- Sensing and Urban Context

- Cultural Resource Management

- Drones, UAV etc

- Virtual Reality and Cyber-Archaeology

- Defining High Standards

- Commercial Archaeological Remote Sensing

We are currently seeking abstracts and workshop proposals that address the
conference theme--the Age of Sensing.

For papers:

Please submit an abstract of 300-500 words (Times New Roman, 11pt font,
standard margins) by April 30, 2014. See

http://space2place.classicalstudies.duke.edu/submissionfor the submission

For workshops:

Please submit a proposal by April 30, 2014 to space2place@duke.edu ,
including a title, number of participants (expected), technical
requirements (equipment needed), and a description of the workshop.


Full Participant (includes lunches, coffee breaks, social dinner) $350

Student (includes lunches, coffee breaks, and social dinner) $150

Student (without meals) FREE

Register online at:

MAIN CONTACT: space2place@duke.edu


Conference Chair - Maurizio Forte (maurizio.forte@duke.edu), Duke
University, Department of Classical Studies and Art, Art History, and
Visual Studies

Conference Co-chair - Stefano Campana (campana@unisi.it), University of
Siena, Department of History and Cultural Heritage, Landscape Archaeology
and Remote Sensing Laboratory

General Secretariat - Melissa Huber (melissa.huber@duke.edu), Ph.D.
Candidate, Duke University, Department of Classical Studies

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