Seminar and workshop on the applications of historic aerial images (Belgrade 19-20 Nov 2013)

6/4/13 .-

Recovering Lost Landscapes
An ArcLand seminar and workshop on the applications of historic aerial images
Belgrade 19-20 November 2013

Large areas of landscape have been lost over the last century as afforestation, urban expansion, land use change and building of reservoirs, amongst others, have destroyed or covered historic landscapes and ancient monuments. Historic aerial imagery is a privileged source for documenting and understanding these lost landscapes since it provides information that cannot be found anywhere else. However, working with these images presents technical challenges, for example in ensuring metrical accuracy in the absence of calibration data or modern maps. This ArcLand technical meeting will take place over two days. The first day of papers will present examples of working with lost landscapes in a seminar-style setting with a strong emphasis on discussion. The second day will be in a workshop setting, aiming to discuss solutions to technical challenges.

Offers of papers or contributions to the technical workshop are welcome - with a closing date of 15 June 2013 - to Tatjana Veljanovski (

Practical enquires should be directed to Ivan Bugarski (

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe offers a range of bursaries/grants to support students and young scholars to participate in ArcLand related events and activities.

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