Interdisciplinary PhD workshop in Viking studies (17-19 enero 2013, Aarhus, Dinamarca)

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PhD workshop in Viking studies

17 – 19 January 2013
Aarhus University, Rønbjerg, Denmark

Arranged with the support of the research programme for Materials, Culture and Heritage, Aarhus University

This interdisciplinary PhD workshop is the sequel of a PhD course in Viking studies organized in November 2010 at AarhusUniversity. The theme of the workshop will be “Excellent exchanges and famous insults”. Focus will be put on various forms of exchanges, not only for their economic or political function but also for their esthetic quality, through the analysis of the elaboration / sophistication of social rituals. This may include gift-giving, bride purchase, rhetorical battles etc. As an interdisciplinary workshop, most of the disciplines traditionally involved with Viking studies (archaeology, philology, saga/reception studies, history, law history) can shed some light on the theme from their own perspective.

This workshop is addressed to affiliated PhD students or PhD students who have recently submitted or defended their dissertation. The applicants are invited to submit an abstract in relation with the topic of the workshop. Contributions related to the applicant’s PhD project are welcome. The participants will be selected on the basis of disciplinary and institutional diversity as well as the academic quality of their abstract in relation with the theme of the workshop.


Prospective students can apply by e-mail to the organizer by submitting a short abstract of their presentation with a preliminary title (150 words max.) by 20 November 2012. Please mention institutional affiliation and title of PhD project.

Admission will be announced by e-mail soon after this date (max. 12 participants).

A longer paper (1500 words max.) must be sent for pre-circulation by 20 December 2012.

Programme, keynotes and sponsors

The programme will include 12 student papers, two keynotes, a business meeting (discussing the prospects of establishing a network for junior researchers in Viking studies), an excursion to the Viking-age site in Aggersborg (the largest ring-fortress of Trelleborg type in Denmark) and a final roundtable discussion on the theme of the seminar.

Keynote lectures will be offered by James H. Barrett, University of Cambridge, and Rudolf Simek, University of Bonn.

The student papers will consist in short presentations (15 min) followed by discussion with an opponent and questions from the other participants (15 min).

Else Roesdahl, Andres Dobat, and other researchers from the University of Aarhus will also take part in the workshop and provide their expertise to the discussions.

Practical information

The PhD workshop will take place at AarhusUniversity’s Marine Research Station in Rønbjerg, Limfjord area, Northern Jutland ( The participants will drive together from Aarhus Thursday 17 January in the morning and reach Rønbjerg in ca. 2 hours. The station is equipped with comfortable bedrooms, a meeting room and a kitchen. As there are no catering possibilities in Rønbjerg, cooking will be part of the participants’ contribution to the seminar.

The participation fee is 350 DKK, which includes accommodation for two nights in Rønbjerg, transport Aarhus-Rønbjerg, coffee breaks and meals. Payment will be made via AarhusUniversity’s webshop by using a link which will be sent with the admission e-mail.


For further information and for submitting application please contact:

Sarah Croix, PhD
Post-doctoral researcher
Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology

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