Congreso "Paisajes urbanos y rurales entre la Antigüedad Tardía y el Alto Medioevo"

6/10/12 .-

Paisajes Urbanos y Rurales entre la Antigüedad Tardía y el Alto Medioevo I Encuentro Internacional de Investigadores doctorales y postdoctorales en Arqueología
Urban and Rural Landscapes between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Fecha de celebración
Del 14 al 16 de noviembre de 2012

Universidad de Zaragoza

First International Meeting for Pre and Post Doctoral Researchers
The Archaeological Area of Department of Sciences of Antiquity of the University of Zaragoza are promoting the celebration of the First International Meeting for Pre and Post Doctoral Researchers "Urban and Rural Landscapes between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages." The development over the last decade of several meetings to update the progress of archaeological research on Late Antiquity and Middle Ages, has become an ongoing part of different countries, over all in Italy, France and United Kingdom. However, Spain has not had an impact especially on the period, or from the plane of historical research, or from the plane of the archaeological work. Because of that we propose this meeting and we hope that will be the starting point for futures meetings of this thematic in Spain.

The conference will take place in Zaragoza (Spain) between the 14th and 16th November 2012 and will be organized into the following thematic sections:
· Urban Landscape (Hispania)
· Urban Landscape (Provinciae)
· Rural landscape (Hispania)
· Rural Landscape (Provinciae)
· Ports and Mediterranean Sea (Hispania)
· Ports and Mediterranean Sea (Provinciae)

The papers, to be presented either orally or in poster form, must relate to one of the above themes. Those who wish to present a paper should send the title and a summary of at least 1000 words (max 1500) via e-mail to the (paisajesruralesyurbanos@gmail.con) by the end of May 2012. The accepted languages are Italian, French, English, Spanish and German. Regardless of the language in which you write, we need also an English summary (100-150 words) and four key words, also in English.

The proposals will be evaluated by the coordinators of the thematic sections. The summaries of the accepted papers will be made available to the conference goers in order to facilitate discussion during the meeting. The allotted time for each paper is 15 minutes.
During the conference there will be visits to the main monuments in Zaragoza. The conference fee is €75. There is a reduce fee for students. More detailed information will be provided in the second circular.

Dra. Pilar Diarte Blasco
Dr. Alejandro Martín López
Dr. Manuel Martín-Bueno

Facultad de Filosfía y Letras
c/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12
50009 Zaragoza 14-16 de noviembre de 2012 Zaragoza (España

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