Byzantine settlement excavated in Central Greece

7/5/12 .-

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Part of a Byzantine settlement was excavated in Southern Pelion (central Greece) by the 7th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities. The archaeologists were informed of the antiquities by local inhabitants of Lefokastron, Pelion.

During the construction of a country house, the owners, along with the civil engineer in charge for the building, discovered part of the Byzantine settlement. Immediately, they informed the Ephorate and archaeologists began the excavation.

The compound found consists of 11 sites and now, experts estimate its construction dates back between the fourth and twelfth centuries A.D.

On the North-Eastern side of the plot, part of a bath-like building (dating to the fourth or fifth century A.D) was also discovered. It has two rooms; one of them is rectangular, so archaeologists think it might have been a swimming pool.

Many vases and other objects made of clay have also been excavated in the nearby area, including some used for housework, as well as a bronze coin of the eleventh century.

Archaeologists have concluded that this plot may have been a private one, despite the fact that the evidence they have is not abundant.

As previously mentioned, this Byzantine site is located in Lefokastro, Pelion. There is no reference about Lefokastro in the ancient literature, but archaeologists and historians who had traversed the area in the past, noted that “a significant fortified settlement of the Byzantine period” was situated here.

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