Medieval Europe Research Congress (29 agosto-1 septiembre 2012)

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5th International Research Congress of Medieval and Modern Archaeology MEDIEVAL EUROPE HELSINKI 2012.

The permanent committee of MEDIEVAL EUROPE RESEARCH CONGRESS has decided to organise the 5th Medieval Europe
The congress will form an integral part of the Helsinki EAA meeting 29 Aug - 1 Sep, 2012

The Medieval Europe Research Congress is now officially reborn at EAA. The congress will form an integral part of the Helsinki EAA meeting 29 Aug - 1 Sep.

MEDIEVAL EUROPE 5, HELSINKI 2012, 29th Aug – 1st Sep 2012

The conference venues of MERC 5, Helsinki 2012 are the Main Building of the University of Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 33) and the Porthania Building (Yliopistonkatu 3).

A provisional programme has been proposed as follows and agreed by the EAA Organising Committee at Helsinki.

Wednesday 29th August
12:00-19:00 Registration, Porthania Building
14:00-16:00, Porthania Building
Plenary Meeting: All interested people meet to discuss the future of MERC.
17:00-19:00, the Main Building of the University
Official opening of the 18th Annual Meeting (EAA)
19:15-22:00, the Main Building of the University
Opening reception at the University of Helsinki

Thursday 30th August
09:00-13:00, Porthania Building
Medieval Europe Session: State of the art and future agenda. This will take the form of four position papers from keynote speakers with time for discussion. Speakers so far invited are: Anders Andren Medieval Archaeology in the Baltic area; Rainer Schreg Archaeological approaches to medieval ecosystems; Armand Baeriswyl Digging in towns: What shall we do with 10000 small excavations a year; Christer Westerdahl The Maritime Middle Ages, 2012
13:00-18:00, Porthania Building
Conference sessions
20:00-01:00, the Old Student House
Annual Party (EAA)

Friday 31st August
09:00-14:00, Porthania Building
Conference sessions
14:30-16:00, Porthania Building
Poster session
14:30-18:00 EAA Annual Business Meeting
Reception, at which MERC future intentions are announced.

Saturday 1st September
09:00-16:00, Porthania Building
Conference sessions
MERC Conference Dinner
19:00-01:00, the House of Nobility (Ritarikatu 1)
EAA:s Annual Dinner

In addition, medieval delegates are encouraged to play a major role in the following:

Sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: The main activity at the conference consists of sessions composed of 20 min talks. The sessions are not necessarily period-based. It is hoped that a large number of medieval topics will be proposed as their own session or within multi-period sessions. In this way medieval objectives will be fully integrated in the broader archaeological agenda.

The Medieval Europe keynotes, posters and any sessions that want it, may carry the logo of Medieval Europe Research Congress (Medieval Europe Helsinki 2012). In the conference program the MEH 2012 sessions have a separate color code. All the abstracts of EAA 2012 will be published.

Proposals for sessions should reach EAA by 1st December. There should be at least two co-organisers from different countries. The EAA scientific committee will communicate its recommendations to proposers direct. To register a proposal, please click here .

The list of the accepted sessions will be published on 31st January 2012. Proposals for papers and posters opens on the 1st February. The dead line for the call for papers is on 31st March 2012. Unfortunately, there will be no pre-printed papers. The organizers of each session are allowed to make arrangements of the publication of their session.

Posters Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Please do as many posters as you can to celebrate the work of medievalist in the academic, commercial and museum sectors; and encourage others too.

Medieval Field Trip to Tallinn, by boat from Helsinki with overnight stay. Arrangements to follow. Other excursions of Medieval interest,
please click here .

Please note that all those attending the EAA conference will need to register and pay for trips, accommodation etc to EAA. To register,
please click here .

Please note the separate payment (in Helsinki) of the MERC dinner (on Saturday) and the Medieval Field Trip to Tallinn. To register to the MERC dinner or the Field Trip to Tallinn. (More information will be here soon.)

To comment on any of these proposals or to suggest other keynote speakers and activities please contact Martin Carver, martincarver(at)

Medieval Europe 5, Helsinki 2012, organizers in Helsinki
Georg Haggrén and Kari Uotila (contact information will be here soon)

You can find the story so far by entering Medieval Europe 2012 into google, or go to

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