Scotland in Early Medieval Europe. Call for paper and poster

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The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland invites Papers and Posters for the fourth in its series of themed international conferences

Call for Papers and Posters

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland invites you to submit papers and posters for Scotland in Early Medieval Europe, the fourth in its series of themed international conferences, to be held across the 22nd to 24th February 2013 in conjunction with the Dark Age Studies Committee. The conference will examine Scotland and its connections and identity in Early Medieval ...Europe (AD200
and AD1000). We welcome contributions from all disciplines, utilising all sources of evidence, and we are particularly interested to mix overarching themes with specific case studies.

Themes for the conference will include:
1. Power and identity
2. Groups and communities
3. Ideologies and economies
4. Contacts and communications

All contributions should in some way offer examinations relating to at least one of the following:
* Scales of analysis, e.g. individual - family - community
* Regionality
* Continuity and change
* Scotland in the wider context of Britain and/or Europe
* Multi-disciplinary approaches

Please submit a paper or poster title and short summary (no longer than 400 words), plus contact details of all contributors and a correspondence address and email by 29 June 2012. Please submit to
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