Call for paper: SPAR Europe & European LiDAR Mapping Forum (11-13 Nov, Amsterdam)

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SPAR Europe & European LiDAR Mapping Forum

11-13 November 2013, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA), Amsterdam, Netherlands



For the first time, SPAR Europe and European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) will take place alongside each other, bringing the world of 3D measurement together in its various forms: aerial, terrestrial, mobile, static, bathymetric, handheld, photogrammetry and more.

The events focus on technology advances in end-to-end 3D that can be used in diverse industries and disciplines including building and architecture, civil infrastructure, land management, environmental studies, industrial facilities, forensics and security, and digital cultural preservation. Papers in the following topical areas are encouraged:

Comparisons of 3D measurement capture methods and practices from LiDAR and laser scanning to short-range and consumer 3D measurement including:
—Laser scanning
—LiDAR - airborne and terrestrial
—Mobile surveying & mapping
—Bathymetry and underwater measurement
—Short-range measurement
—Kinect, Shapeshot and other structured-light applications
—Indoor mobile mapping and kinematic scanning

Data processing and workflow considerations for 3D measurement including:
Working with point clouds, including feature extraction
—Straight-to-model in practice
—Building Information Modeling (BIM)
—Kinematic scanning using Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms
—Facility design considerations
—Dimensional control for fabrication and modular construction
—Workflow considerations
—Integrating disparate systems
—Data standardization
—Data fusion

Visualization and deliverables of 3D measurements including:
—Intelligent 3D models
—3D printing
—Augmented Reality
—3D virtualization
—Web-based file sharing
—Contracting for deliverables

INDUSTRIES include but are not limited to:
—Energy/utility: oil and gas production, refining, nuclear power, offshore construction, shipbuilding
—Process plants: chemical, water, waste
—General purpose wide-area mapping
—Corridor mapping applications, including electrical power transmission/distribution network and pipeline inspection
—Watershed and flood zone mapping and modeling
—Civil infrastructure/transportation: bridge, road, tunnel, rail
—Geotechnical: tunnel, mining
—Shoreline and near-shore (coastal zone) mapping and modeling
—Forestry and environmental mapping
—Discrete manufacturing: automotive, aerospace
—Entertainment: filmmaking, theme parks, video gaming
—Forensic and security: crime investigation, security planning, military and defense
—Historic and cultural: digital preservation of cultural and historic sites
—Disaster recovery and planning

Get additional information on the sectors covered by SPAR Europe and European LiDAR Mapping forum here:

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