Archeologists unearth early medieval village in Espoo

29/6/09 .-

An archeological dig in the Espoo district of Mankby has uncovered traces of early medieval settlement. The excavation work brought to the surface the remains of housing structures dating back to the 14th century, which are a rare discovery in Finland.
The finding of table knives and glassware, suggesting a relatively refined culture, came as a surprise to the researchers on the dig. Such things were not anticipated from a peasant village site.
Thus far the site has been examined primarily as a source of material from a later era, from the late Middle Ages.

The original village of Mankby (located in the western part of Espoo, and part of the district of Kauklahti; it is known in Finnish as Mankki) was abandoned in 1556 when the then King of Sweden Gustav Vasa (Gustav I, 1496-1560) took over the land for a new royal manor.
Thereafter the place was forgotten until it was rediscovered in 2004.

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