Congrès "Jars and large containers between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era"


First International Topical Congress of the AIECM3
“Jars and large containers between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era”

Montpellier-Lattes (France),
November 19-21 2014

Call for papers

As decided during the last General Meeting of the AIECM at Silves in 2012, the French national
committee in collaboration with the Archaeology Department of the Languedoc-Roussillon
Region, the Ministry of Culture in Montpellier, the urban community of Montpellier and the
LA3M are organizing their first Topical Congress.
It will take place over three days, from November 19 to 21, 2014 at the Museum at Lattes
The topic which has been chosen is jars, large containers, large garden and industrial vases, made
between the Middle Ages and the Modern Era over the whole Mediterranean area, the Middle East,
the Caucasus and Central Asia.
All containers used for storage, preservation, preparation and packing, either in a fixed place or used
for transport (with the exception of amphorae) will be accepted.
The papers can be about typology, production techniques and or about the functional purpose of the
objects through written sources, archaeology and ethnology. In other words containers for : -liquid (oil,
wine, vinegar, water…)
-foodstuff (cereals, grain, dried fruit, salted food, brine, candied fruits, meat, fat and honey
-dried products, made by craftsmen or industrially produced, (jars for distilling oxide, tartar and other
products used by apothecaries
-specific domestic use, for hygiene and prophylactic uses, laundry tubs, baths, foot and hip baths, jars
used for washing
-decorative use or/and for the garden
-for re-use (architectural re-use)

Timetable and practical information

Propositions for papers and posters should be sent to the following address before June 15, 2014:
The final selection and the programme will be published on June 30, 2014.
Registration fees are 40 euros
Travelling and living expenses are to be covered by participants themselves. A list of hotels and other

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