Archaeology volunteer: excavation of medieval castel of Couzan (France)

17/5/14 .-

Archaeology volunteer: excavation of medieval castel of Couzan (France)
Near Saint Etienne

7-27 July 2014

Excavation of the principal hall, on the top of the fortress

Free admittance for the students. We offer dinner and camping.

Academic credit for French student

Project Details:

The Château de Couzan is a ruined castle in the commune of Sail-sous-Couzan in the Loire département of France. The castle stands on a rocky outcrop to the west of Sail-sous-Couzan in the Monts du Forez range above the Lignon du Forez river. The châtellenie of Couzan was the most important in the former province of Forez.

Construction of the castle dates from the 11th century, with further building works in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries.[1]

11th century: The family of the barons of Semur (Damas) built the first castle.
15th century: The Lévis family took the fortress, following the marriage n 1425 of Eustache de Levis and Alix de Couzan, daughter of Hugues VI, baron of Damas-Couzan, known as "Hugues VI de Damas".
17th century: The castle was acquired by the Luzy family in 1622. They took the title of marquis de Couzan and first baron du Forez. This branch of the Luzy family died out at the end of the 18th century. The castle was then taken by Marthe de Luzy-Couzan, daughter of Balthazar de Luzy-Couzan, who married Antoine François de Thy de Milly. The castle stayed in the ownership of the family of the Counts of Thy de Milly until 1932.
1932: Acquired by DIANA (the Historic and Achaeological Society of Forez), which undertook extensive restoration works, the castle having been uninhabited since the French Revolution.

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