TRAIL 2014 - Call for posters (Frasne, France, the 26-28 March 2014)


TRAIL 2014 - Call for posters

We encourage the submission of posters for the *TRAIL 2014 *Meeting, to
take place in Frasne, France, the 26-28 March 2014.

The poster track will provide an opportunity for presenting recent results,
current research projects and innovative work in progress about the topics
of the meeting (, focused on the *role of
forests in archaeological research, cultural heritage management
frameworks, and our perception of past and present landscapes in light of
the proliferation of Lidar surveys over the past decade. *

Posters on Lidar data processing and visualization, integration between
Lidar survey and geophysical analyses, interpretation of Lidar data within
current data schemas and frameworks, and the application of complementary
methods in forests are very welcome.

Authors will have the opportunity to present their posters and discuss
their work with other participants during the poster session, which will
take place on the evening of the 26th.
Poster proposals should include the following information in the
submission: author(s) name, contact information, poster title, keywords,
abstract (maximum 2000 words).
The deadline for proposals' submission is February, 28.

Contacts and information:,

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