Call for Papers "World Archaeology"

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Call for Papers World Archaeology

Submit your paper to a future issue of World Archaeology, for more information simply click on the issue titles below!

The Archaeology of Performance
Archaeologists have increasingly recognized that public events (such as performances and spectacles) were significant arenas for building solidarity, asserting power relations, and for managing social tensions in past societies. Recent avenues … 
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The Archaeology of Sound and Music
Typically, archaeological studies explore what the past was like and how humans have interacted with their landscape. As archaeologists, we learn about artefacts, buildings and monuments, homes and families; how people responded to such things … Keep reading

Mobility and Migration

Migration has long been a major topic in archaeology and as long as culture history framed archaeological understanding of material culture, migrations have been seen as the stuff that (pre)history was made of. As New, processual and … Keep reading

Debates in World Archaeology

The World Archaeology Debates volume is a venue for topical discussion of archaeological issues that will have a wide relevance to the field. We welcome papers offering comment on articles previously published in World Archaeology, as well as … Keep reading


The phenomenon of miniaturization, the production of very small, generally non-functional versions of objects, has appeared in many cultures throughout the world.
Miniature versions of buildings, animals, clothing and textiles, tools, … Keep reading

Public Archaeology

Public Archaeology deals with the role archaeology plays in the wider world. The research field pays specific attention to public attitudes to the past and their (e.g. popular, commercial, ideological, political) functions in modern and … Keep reading

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