Appel à contributions - Cistercians and Gothic Architecture

15/9/13 .-

Cistercians and Gothic Architecture: Qualifying and Questioning the Role of the Cistercians as 'Missionaries of the Gothic'
Appel à contributions

Session on Cistercians and Gothic Architecture -

Several scholars have both championed and challenged the viewpoint that the Cistercian Order is largely responsible for the transmission of the Gothic style throughout Northern England, Scotland, Scandinavia and other regions beyond the mother house in Cîteaux. It has been argued that the Cistercians are to be credited for introducing the Gothic style into England, while alternatively it has been argued that their role has been over-emphasized, and that Roger de Pont L'Évêque's work at York Minster should be credited with bringing Gothic Architecture to England.

This session welcomes papers that revisit this debate in order to determine what, if any, role the Cistercians played in transmitting, developing and transforming the Gothic architectural style as Cistercian monastic houses were built in the mid-late 12th century.

Papers may consider art and architectural developments in the Gothic style that either relate to or refute the Cistercian Order's role in disseminating the Gothic style.

If you would like to present a paper for this session please send a title and a short abstract to Candice Bogdanski ( as soon as possible and no later than Friday October 18, 2013.

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