Summer School "Preventive Archaeology. Urban site and landscapes" (Ravenna 1-12 July 2013)

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Erasmus IP. Summer School "'Preventive Archaeology'. Urban sites and landscapes. Methods and techniques for evaluating the archaeological value" (Ravenna, 1-12 July 2013)
organized by: University of Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà, Sezione di Archeologia

The international Summer School "'Preventive Archaeology'. Urban sites and landscapes. Methods and techniques for evaluating the archaeological value" is a short-term specialization school which aims to form graduates and PhD students on preventive archaeology, topic with great actuality in Europe. It is a theme of interdisciplinary relevance, aimed to promote the protection of the archaeological heritage as well as the urban development and the spatial planning, involving many different disciplines and several aspects of the working activities in urban or extra-urban contexts. The school is addressed to a maximum of 30 graduates and PhD students coming from Italy and from the Erasmus IP partners countries.
The course is articulated in theoretical lectures, by teachers and experts of international provenance, and assisted applications on the field and in laboratory, during which the participants will have the opportunity to test advanced methods and instruments of aerial, topographical, geophysical survey and of diagnostic for archaeology, all systems increasingly used in each preliminary approach to archaeological issues.
The school will take place in Ravenna and in the archaeological site of Classe, the famous late roman port for commercial trade.
The lectures will focus on the main topics covered: methods and diagnostic for archaeology, landscape archaeology and urban archaeology, aerial photography and remote sensing, geophysics and photogrammetry for archaeology. Particular attention will be also paid to the legislative aspects in matter of preventive archaeology (with the involvement of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Emilia Romagna), to the GIS and data management systems, and to the presentation of several cases history.
The practical experiences (geomatic and geophysics) will be held in urban and extra-urban contexts: in Ravenna and in the archaeological area of Classe.
The participation of teachers and specialists from different European universities and International Companies, as well as the use of advanced technologies will allow students to:
1) acquire a deep multidisciplinary knowledge on the issues covered;
2) obtaining the most important methodologies in the evaluation of archaeological potential;
3) improving the interaction between students and teachers, and facilitating the possibility of international collaborations.

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