Journée d'étude - Coin Use and Coin Circulation in the Low Countries during the Middle Ages

17/3/13 .-

The Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium has decided to organize, in close collaboration with the Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium, one-day conferences on the coinage and the monetary history of the Low Countries. These will take place every three years in alternation with the colloquia of the Coin Cabinet. The theme of the first conference on Friday May 24th 2013 will be Coin Use and Coin Circulation in the Low Countries during the Middle Ages (7th – 15th centuries).

You are cordially invited to attend this meeting that will take place in the Lucien de Hirsch-Conference Room in the Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium (conveniently situated near the central Railway station of Brussels).

This meeting is open to all and free of charge. Please confirm your attendance (by May 3th) as the number of participants is limited (reply to: There will be the possibility to have a light lunch upon reservation (€ 10, please RSVP when you confirm your attendance). We also have a self-service cafeteria, no reservation required.


9h15 : Johan van Heesch, President - Welcome
9h30 : Wybrand Op Den Velde - The circulation of sceattas in the southern Low Countries
10h00 : Guillaume Sarah - Nouvelles recherches sur les monnaies d'or de Louis le Pieux et leurs imitations frisonnes
10h30 : Break

11h00 : Jens Christian Moesgaard - Fabrication et circulation monétaires en Flandres et Artois, v. 880-v. 950. L’apport des trouvailles scandinaves
11h30 : Peter Ilisch - The beginning of regional currencies in the Netherlands, Belgium and the lower Rhinelands in comparison (9th to early 12th centuries)
12h00 : Sergio Boffa - La circulation des petits deniers dans les Pays-Bas (fin XIIe-début XIVe siècles) : Monnaies locales, régionales ou internationales ?
12h30 : Lunch

14h00 : Marcus Phillips - The impact and imitation of the gros tournois
14h30 : Peter Spufford - Turning from France to the Empire. The shift of the Low Countries from an Anglo-French currency region to an Electoral-Imperial currency region in the fifteenth century.
15h00 : Break

15h30 : Erik Aerts - Privileged labour. Coinage and corporation in the Southern Low Countries (13th-16th centuries) - Gepriviligeerde arbeid. Muntslag en corporatie in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden van de 13de tot de 16de eeuw
16h00 : Hannes Lowagie - The accounts of the bailiffs in the county of Flanders: an alternative source for the study of coin possession in the late Middle Ages (14th-15th century)
16h30 : Conclusions

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