Appel à contribution - Kings & Queens II : Making Connections

24/12/12 .-

Kings & Queens II : Making Connections
Alliances, Networks, Correspondence and Comparisons
University of Winchester, 8-9 July 2013

Keynote Speaker: Theresa Earenfight (Seattle University)

The Royal Studies Network is delighted to announce a call for papers for our second annual Kings & Queens conference, entitled Making Connections-Alliances, Networks, Correspondence and Comparisons. A key facet of rulership was the creation of connections: military and matrimonial alliances, leveraging dynastic or kinship networks, fostering religious and trading links and using the power of the pen to build relationships through correspondence. Our chosen theme aims to shed light on the importance of these connections between monarchs and encourage fruitful comparisons of rulers from the medieval to the modern periods.

We warmly welcome proposals for either individual papers or three paper panels on subjects related to monarchy in any geographical or temporal context, ideally connected to our suggested theme, although we will consider other topics. Please submit your proposal (250 words for an individual proposal or 500 words for a panel proposal) to by December 31, 2012.

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