Conferencia "New Discoveries in Glass and Ceramics" 16 noviembre, Londres

1/11/12 .-

Recent Research and New Discoveries in Glass and Ceramics: a Conference in Honour of Sarah Jennings is taking place on Friday 16th November 2012 at The Wallace Collection, London.

There is no booking deadline but to enable us to order an appropriate amount of wine and nibbles/canapés for the post-conference reception it would be good if people were able to book by Wednesday 7th November.

We now have a full line up of speakers who are:

Hilary Cool – Aromatic Assemblages: Exploring the Finds from Pompei Insula VI.1

Sarah Paynter and Nadine Schabille – Colouring glass in the Roman period

Katherine Barclay and Michael Hughes – ‘Winchester’s early medieval wares – an enigma’

St John Simpson - Finds from Siraf, a port on the Persian Gulf, and progress on their publication

Ian Freestone – Red, White and Blue: the Origins of Medieval Window Glass Technology

Hugo Blake and Michael Hughes – An early 14th–century tin-glazed earthenware jar from Norwich and other archaic maiolicas excavated in Britain

Michiel Bartels – Home is where the hearth is: The domesticity and identity of an emerging Protestant society reflected in ceramic show fire covers from Golden Age West- Frisia (NL).

George Haggarty – The Delftfield Pottery Glasgow 1748- 1826; Demolition and Resurrection

Frans Verhaeghe – ‘Pottery, Glass and Other Little Things: Whither the Study of Finds?’

For a programme and booking form please see: or

Directions to The Wallace Collection Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN can be found on their website:

Profits from the conference will go towards a publication in Sarah’s honour which will be published as a MPRG Occasional Paper. The theme of the publication will be ‘Recent Research and New Discoveries in Glass and Ceramics’ and contributions will be welcomed from Sarah’s friends and colleagues. A submission deadline in the summer/autumn of 2013 is envisaged. If you would like to contribute a paper please send a provisional title and a brief outline to Julie Edwards (ceramics) or Sarah Paynter (glass by 16th November 2012.

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