Call for papers: Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

23/8/12 .-

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences (E-ISSN
2218-6301/ ISSN 2079-8407) is an international refereed research
publishing journal, focused on promoting and publishing original high
quality research work in both theoretical and scientific aspects of all
disciplines of Computing and Information Sciences.

The objectives of the journal are to promote and publish original high
quality research and to provide a forum to the researchers and industry
practitioners for exchanging ideas, knowledg e, and experience. We welcome
original research and industry experience papers. Contributions should be
written for one of the following categories:Original researchLiterature
Review / Systematic Literature Review Short Articles on ongoing research
Preliminary FindingsTechnical Reports / NotesResults previously published
in conferences and/or journals may be submitted as extended versions. For
more information about Journal and Publication Charges, please visit

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