Archeometrical analyses of Prehistoric and Early Medieval ceramics (4 febrero 2012)

3/11/11 .- earlymedievalarchaeology[arroba]

We are happy to invite you to our third workshop with the theme „Archeometrical analyses of Prehistoric and Early Medieval ceramics“. As in the workshops of the preceding two years, we would once again like to discuss archaeometrical methods, their various implementations and the interpretations of the results of ceramics analyses in archaeology using fresh examples.

We would be very happy to see you at our workshop and would be delighted if you would consider presenting results of your own research. Even this year, we ask the speakers to focus on the choice of research questions as well as on analytical techniques and issues concerning the interpretations of the results.

We would like to be informed about your participation and the title of your paper, should you choose to present one, before the 30th of December 2011.
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