Exploring Medieval Transitions

13/10/11 .- earlymedievalarchaeology

'Exploring Medieval Transitions' is a series of three one-day workshops hosted by the Departments of Archaeology at Durham University and the University of York, and the School of History at Newcastle University, examining transitions and material culture in the Middle Ages.

The purpose of the workshops is to bring together interestded scholars to discuss how political, social, religious and cultural transitions are manifested in the archaeological evidence, and how various forms of material culture were used to redefine and negotiate social change in those periods. Papers will encompass the whole spectrum of the Middle Ages, from the end of the Roman period, to the cusp of the early modern era.

These events will provide a forum for scholars working on transitions throughout the medieval world to discuss their latest thoughts and findings. The workshops are open to all archaeologists examining transitions within and around the medieval period (5th to 16th century A.D.), and we'd like to particularly encourage attendance by taught and research postgraduates and interested undergraduates.

More information: http://sites.google.com/site/medtransitions/home

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