Conference Medieval Archaeology at Aarhus University 26-27 October 2011

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40 Years of Medieval Archaeology
A conference to celebrate 40 years of Medieval Archaeology at Aarhus University

26-27 October 2011
Venue: Aarhus University Campus, the Aula (Main Hall)
Preliminary programme
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Wednesday 26 October

10.00-10.30 Registration at the Aula. Coffee and tea

Medieval and Early modern archaeology – Scandinavia

10.30 Welcome
Medieval and Renaissance archaeology – 40 years at Aarhus University
Professor emeritus, State Antiquary emeritus Olaf Olsen: In the beginning
Professor Else Roesdahl: 40 years of Medieval archaeology
Associate professor Mette Svart Kristiansen: The future for the past
Assistant professor Rainer Atzbach: Europe in Denmark
PhD research student Poul Baltzer Heide: Communication, landscape and settlement in
North Atlantic societies c. 800-1200
PhD research student Sarah Croix: The setting of everyday life: spatial organization and gender relations in
Viking Age Scandinavia
Lunch: Stakladen

Danish Museums
Chief curator Michael Andersen (National Museum of Denmark): Medieval archaeology and the National Museum
of Denmark
Chief curator Lennart S. Madsen (Museum Sønderjylland – Arkæologi Haderslev): The professionalization of
medieval archeology in Denmark. From the enthusiastic amateur to a medieval archeologist at every museum
Coffee in Vandrehallen

Norway, Sweden, Finland
Professor Ingvild Øye (University of Bergen): Medieval archaeology in Norway – from field work to academic
Professor Jes Wienberg (University of Lund): From the Middle Ages to Modernity – new archaeological challenges
Professor Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen (University of Turku): Historical archaeology – A threat to the diversity of
General discussion

17.00 Bus transport to Moesgård
Reception with snacks at the Institute at Moesgård

Thursday 27 October (from 9.30)

Medieval and Early modern archaeology
North Atlantic lands and Europe – and book presentations

The North Atlantic lands

Professor Orri Vésteinssson (University of Reykjavík): Managing marginality. The archaeology of medieval
Museum Director Símun V. Arge (National Museum of the Faroe Islands): Medieval Kirkjubøur – contacts and
influences in the Faroe Islands
Senior Researcher Jette Arneborg (National Museum of Denmark): Greenland – found and lost
Coffee in Vandrehallen

Book presentations

Special professor (Aarhus University), professor emeritus (University College London) James Graham-
Campbell: Silver Economy, Monetisation & Society in Scandinavia, 800-1200
Professor emeritus Martin Carver (University of York): The Archaeology of Medieval Europe vol. 2. Twelfth to
Sixteenth Centuries AD

Elsewhere in Europe

Professor Neil Price (University of Aberdeen): Viking archaeology in the 21st century
Professor emeritus Frans Verhaeghe (Brussels): Little things and daily life. Issues of medieval material culture –
then, now and tomorrow
Lunch: Stakladen
Head of Outpost in Frankfurt (am Oder) Christof Krauskopf (Brandenburgisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege
und Archäologisches Landesmuseum): Castles, nobles and living conditions. Sources for and interrelations
between aspects of daily life
Professor Manfred Gläser (Hansestadt Lübeck, Bereich Archäologie und Denkmalpflege): The development
of Lübeck into a medieval metropolis
Senior Lecturer Mark Gardiner (Queens University, Belfast): How the late medieval house in
England found its plan
Coffee in Vandrehallen
Lecturer Aleksander G. Pluskowski (University of Reading): The Expansion of medieval Europe:
zooarchaeological perspectives
Professor Niels Lynnerup (Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Copenhagen University): The bare bones of medieval
Professor, Museumsdirektor und Landesarchäologe Matthias Wemhoff (Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte
im Neuen Museum / Museumsinsel Berlin): Archaeology as a medium to make visible the recent, but
forgotten past: the Berlin Wall and other examples
Final Discussion

Conference dinner, and dance (from 19.00)
University Campus: Matematisk kantine

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