Schoolboy finds medieval treasure

6/6/11 .-

A SLATE found by an eight-year-old volunteer during last year’s archaeological dig in Kilwinning is a medieval gaming board.

During the winter months, archaeologists and volunteers at Rathmell Archaeology in Kilwinning have been cleaning up the finds of the five-week dig.

And a piece of slate found by eight-year-old Callum Burns, seen here, was among the treasures.

Callum found two medieval gaming boards and a tile with script on it. This week, archaeologist Tom Rees said three of the slates found were gaming boards while one tile has pictures carved into it.

The second dig will take place from Wednesday, August 17 to Wednesday, September 17.

Like last year, the volunteers will be working on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays each week.

And the plan is to work on areas around the Abbey grounds.

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