Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Expensive French Perfume in Medieval Church

13/4/11 .- http://www.novinite.com/

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have discovered a French perfume in the walls of the medieval St. Apostles Monastery in Sozopol on the Black Sea.

The excavations of the medieval fortress and monastery started a week ago.

Archaeologists have uncovered the foundations of the monastery church, measuring 20 meters in length and 11 meters in width, making it the largest medieval church on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The curious finding this time over was of two glass vessels, apparently walled in much later in the ruins.

One of the vessels read "Lubin, Paris, 1882," which turned out to be a quite expensive and fashionable perfume for that time.

It is yet to be made clear why the perfume found itself at that precise location.

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