Islamic Archaeology Day 2017 (28 January, London)

20/1/17 .-

Islamic Archaeology Day 2017 hosted by SOAS and UCL (28 January, London)

The 3rd Islamic Archaeology Day, jointly hosted by SOAS and UCL at the Institute of Archaeology, will take place on 28 January.

Organisers: Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS), Scott Redford (SOAS), Tim Williams (UCL)


10:30: Registration and Coffee

11:00: Welcome & Introduction - Corisande Fenwick, Hugh Kennedy, Scott Redford, Tim Williams

11:15: Dehistan (Turkmenistan), archaeological evidence of a pilgrimage city - Alistair Northedge

11:40: Islamic archaeology in the Moroccan Sahara: settlement dynamics in the Draa Valley - Corisande Fenwick, Maria Gatto, Louise Rayne, Martin Sterry, David Mattingly and Youssef Bokbot

12:05: Islamic archaeology in East Africa, challenges and obstacles - Stephane Pradines

12:30: Citadels, Bazars and Shrines - An Overview of the Current State of Islamic Archaeology in Afghanistan - Arezou Azad and Andy Miller

1:00: Lunch (provided)

2:00: From Fustat to Merv: Revisiting the Beginnings and Technical Development of Islamic Glazed Wares - Moujan Matin, Oliver Watson, Michael Tite

2:25: Studying medieval Iranian world metalware: the ISLAMETAL project - Annabelle Collinet

2:50: Royal workshops: recent investigations into production at Madinat al-Zahra and the Alhambra - Chloë N. Duckworth, Kate Welham, Derek Pitman, Alberto García Porras and David J. Govantes Edward

3:15: The yellow opaque glazes from Madinat al-Zahra (second half of the 10th century): a rare local production or an import? - Elena Salinas, Trinitat Pradell and Michael Tite

3:45: Tea break

4:15: Suburban life in early Islamic Jarash (Jordan): New evidence for urban development over the longue durée - Louise Blanke

4:40: The Islamic-Christian frontier in medieval central Iberia: new research at Molina de Aragón and Atienza - Guillermo García-Contreras Ruiz, Rowena Banerjea, Alex Brown and Aleks Pluskowski

5:05: The role of archaeology in the representation of Islamic Middle East: A European museum prospective - Benedict Leigh

5:30: Archaeology of the Pearl-Fishing Towns of the Arabian Gulf: Case Studies in Globalization during the Late Islamic Period - Rob Carter

6pm Reception in SCR

7pm Dinner (at own expense) at local restaurant

Please register via Eventbrite: Enlace a Eventbrite

The registration fee of £10 (£5 for students) will cover lunch, refreshments and a wine reception. The organisers would be very grateful if those wishing to attend could register as soon as possible and before Friday 20 January for catering purposes.

Organisers: Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS), Scott Redford (SOAS), Tim Williams (UCL)

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