Call for papers: (Re)thinking archaeological potential in preventive archaeology


(Re)thinking archaeological potential in preventive archaeology

Ljubljana 28th- 29th October 2016

Call for papers

Preventive archaeology is a new way of protecting archaeological heritage, where archaeological research becomes constitutive part of spatial planning process. Key innovation is the phase of archaeological potential assessment, which shifts focus of research from known sites to the landscapes a whole. But what exactly is “archaeological potential”? What is its relation to the archaeological traces and sites in the landscape? Archaeological potential obviously says something about the capacity of an area, that archaeological traces could be discovered, but it also introduces new ways of thinking and working with archaeological heritage.

The workshop aims to address these issues, ranging from the theoretical discussion on archaeological potential to the practices and experiences of archaeological potential assessment. We welcome wide range of contributions, from theoretical perspectives, methodological issues and innovations in archaeological potential evaluation to the application and uses of archaeological potential in heritage practice and its legislative aspects.

One day workshop will be held on Friday, 28th October 2016 in Ljubljana. On the next day, you are invited to an archaeological excursion to the Slovenian Karst.

Please submit provisional title, an abstract and contact details by submission deadline of 31th June, 2016. All submissions and enquiries should be addressed to the organisational committee at

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