Workshop "Paleodiet meets paleopathology" Santiago de Compostela, Octubre

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Workshop: Paleodiet meets paleopathology. Using skeletical biogeochemistry to link ancient health, food and mobility

Santiago de Compostela, 15-16 de Octubre 2015

Aims /Aims
The objective of this workshop is to explore the connections between paleodiet and paleopathology, with special focus on the stable isotopes and bone chemistry applications. The studies of diet and disease in antiquity have always been important areas of research in bioarchaeology and physical anthropology.

With the advent of stable isotope applications more than 40 years ago, our ability to reconstruct the diet of individuals significantly improved; however, despite the fact that numerous diseases have a dietary component, only relatively few studies have combined bone chemistry with palaeopathological analysis. More recently, there has been a surge of interest in integrating the two approaches, not just to explore the synergies between diet and disease but also to understand the relationship between health and mobility and exposure to toxins (eg. trace metals) and how to tell these effectively from post-mortem contamination.

This workshop will aim to take stock of recent advances and hopes to strengthen collaborations between different research groups on questions related to past diet and health and how these can be approached with bone chemistry applications. Discussions will include not only the differences between “diseased” and “healthy” individuals, but also, among others, which diseases are most suitably investigated by bone chemistry applications, how to deal with inter-population variation and intra-skeletal variability, and the role of environmental factors in disease ecology.


15th October

15.00-15.15 Opening
15.15-16.00 Paleodiet and paleopathology: an overview
16.00-17.00 Diet and mortality crisis
Diet and mortality: Famine, feast and fertility.
Julia Beaumont, University of Bradford
17.00- 17.30 Coffee break (fika)
17.30- 18.30 Communications for call
18.30 - Visit to Compostela city

16th October

09.00-10.00 Growth, metabolic conditions and stable isotopes Stable isotopes analysis of diet in past populations: delving into the interplay of dietary choices, growth patterns, and health outcomes. Andrea Waters-Rist, University of Leiden.
10.00-11.00 Diet, health and infectious diseases
Diet and disease in 19th and 20th Century Denmark. Marie Louise Schjellerup Jørkov, University of Copehagen
11.00-11.30 Coffee break (fika)
11.30-12.30 Poster session
12.30-15.30 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Ancient DNA and stable isotopes The best of both worlds, when stable isotopes and aDNA meet in an archaeological context. Kerstin Lidén, Stockholm University.
16.00-17.00 New perspectives from the animal studies Stable isotopes and DNA in Paleontogy: beyond the family diet. Aurora Grandal d´Anglade, University of A Coruña
17.00- 17.30 Coffee break (fika)
17.30- 18.30 Communications for call
18.30 -19.30 Discussion

Call for papers and Registration

The Call for Papers (oral communications or posters)
is available at our webpage and the provisional
deadline is the 15th of August 2015.
The registration is totally free of cost.

More information:
or Olalla López-Costas.

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