Symposium "Perceptions of Shared Sacred Space in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean"

15/5/15 .-

Sharing the Holy Land - Perceptions of Shared Sacred Space in the Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean

Symposium to be held at the Warburg Institute on 12 and 13 June

Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Osama Hamdan (Al-Quds University, Jerusalem) Prof. Bernard Hamilton (University of Nottingham) Prof. Benjamin Z. Kedar (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) [as a public lecture on 11 June, hosted by Queen Mary University of London]

The symposium seeks to address how Western pilgrims and the indigenous Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Levantine populations perceived the sharing of religious shrines. In particular, scholars will look at how this sharing was described in contemporary accounts and influenced the knowledge of the other faiths. Aside from texts, also the archaeology and material culture of these shared places will be discussed. The symposium will focus on the period c.1100-1600, and address the changing political context in the Levant and its influence on the sharing of sacred space.


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