Call for abstract: Metrology For Archaeology (Benevento, Italia, Octubre 2015)

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Call for abstract: Metrology For Archaeology

1st International Conference onMetro logy for Archaeology
Benevento (Italy) October 22 - 23, 2015

The growing interest of archaeological sciences towards new technologies and analytical techniques, has recently improved the use of numerical approach to get more detailed archaeological purpose. The advantages of the multidisciplinary approach have permitted to reduce the level of uncertainty in archaeological studies. The 1St "Metrology for Archaeology" is a significant opportunity for discussion, at the international level, between archaeological research and 'hard' sciences, in order to consolidate a fruitful interaction between specialists from different disciplines in the field of Cultural Heritage.
In particular, the Conference will involve researchers and operators interested in the valorisation, characterisation and preservation of archaeological heritage with the main objective of focusing the discussion on the production, interpretation and reliability of the measured data.
The workshop, was therefore designed, to offer a comprehensive picture of the many experiences in the field of "measure" of the archaeological heritage through the integrated approach of articulated skills of the scientific community. The events will be disseminated within the scientific community, academic and a specific website has been created to publicize initiatives.

Conference Topics
- Computer Science and Geomatics applied to archaeology
- Archaeogeophysics
- Geoarchaeology
- Production and Food in the ancient Mediterranean
- Archaeobotany
- Archaeometry


Paper submission will be handled electronically, through the submission page set up on theconference web page: www.metroarcheo.comThe best contributions will be awarded, including the Best Student Paper Award and the BestPaper authored and presented by a woman.Special sessions will be organized on specific topics, see online

Important dates:

* July 31, 2015 – Abstract Submission Deadline
* September 1, 2015 – Acceptance Notification Date
* September 20, 2015 – Full Paper Submission


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