Crossing boundaries: the creation of Foodscapes (28 march 2015, Nottingham)

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University of Nottingham, UK
Crossing boundaries: the creation of Foodscapes

Organisers: Alexandra Livarda, Hector A. Orengo, Naomi Sykes and Hannah O'Regan

Call for papers: Theme summary

Long-distance trade of plant- and animal-based foods is tightly linked to the movement of products, people and ideas, colonial expansion and imperial power, exploration and discovery, and the creolisation of

local tastes. Transported landscapes, transported species, globalisation and changing cuisine and tastes are some of the effects of connectivity webs, influencing food practices from production to consumption and notions of local to global, while managing the physical environment to project social identities. This conference aims to explore new tools and novel approaches for tracking the movement of food and ideas across space and time, from the emergence of agriculture and farming to the Columbian
exchange and industrialisation. Within the theme of ‘cr
boundaries’ the conference endeavours to bring together studies
using a range of methods, from genetics and stable isotope analyses, material culture and bioarchaeological evidence, to GIS and environmental modelling, to ultimately investigate the socio-
cultural parameters underpinning food and land practices ‘on the move’ and their impacts on economies, societies and perceptions.

Conference Format

This one-day conference will include two different types of sessions.

Two standard sessions with longer presentations, 15-minutes each followed by 5 minutes of questions, and two sessions with 5-minutes long presentations. In the latter type, there will be a Q&A slot at the end of each session. The timing of each presentation will be kept strictly in order to create a dynamic environment that will host a large number of presentations on a variety of research projects and ideas. These will be the most challenging sessions and the core of the conference, and we welcome both senior and junior researchers to showcase their work. For these sessions we will follow the ignite conference format, in which each speaker will be given 5 minutes to present their work (key ideas and results/conclusions of research) using 20 slides that are operated automatically. This means that the slides change every 15 seconds, but if the speaker wishes to talk longer on a particular slide s/he can replicate the same slide several times. It will all be over in 5 minutes and 20 slides! Please do contact us if you would like more information about the format of the sessions.

Registration and abstract submission

Registration and abstract submission open on 1st of November 2014. See our website for details:

Abstract length for papers and posters: 250 to 400 words. Please indicate in your email if your abstract is for a 15 minute paper, 5 minute paper or a poster - see ‘Conference Format’ for more

You can submit your abstract at the email address:

Abstract deadline: 10th of January 2015 Registration deadline: 15th of March

Please note space is limited to 100 delegates

For further information see our website:

Or you can contact us on:

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